What is a loan broker?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a loan broker is “a person or a company that arranges loans for people or organizations for a fee”. In the very simplest of terms, that is what we do here at Nouveau Finance, although we don’t charge customers a fee. We earn commissions for loans sold direct from the lender who arranged the loan.

As you have probably come across in the past, there are insurance brokers and mortgage brokers who basically do all the legwork for you and shop around looking for the best deal to suit your circumstances. One of the greatest advantages of a broker is they usually know who the best sources are to go to for either an insurance policy or for a mortgage, so you don’t have to wait too long to be given some options. Nouveau Finance works in a similar way with loans although the process is automated so it takes only a few minutes to get an online decision regarding your loan application. Each of our 40 lending sources have their own lending policies which are forever changing so in order to keep on top of those changes, we have created some very clever technology that detects when a lenders scorecard changes and optimises the application process behind the scenes.  Of course there is an alternative, and that is to deal with a smaller number of direct sources of lending where you would have to make numerous 
applications, taking time and effort, resulting in several searches on your credit record.

A finance broker is an essential part of the ‘small economy’ and they are what help consumers to get through difficult financial times where they find themselves in a situation where they don’t have enough money to take them through the month. A small loan as a cash boost for individuals can make all the difference and can meet costs that crop up out of the blue. That’s why as finance brokers here at Nouveau Finance we are critically aware of how important it is to have ready access to money if you have an emergency situation that needs dealing with, like a car or house repair.

Now the sector of the market that Nouveau Finance, as a finance broker is involved in is a very busy and popular sector, and that is smaller sized loans of between £100 and £2,500 spread out over 1 to 18 months repayment periods. We have numerous different customer facing brands and we also encourage experienced and compliant affiliate members to market our brands or their own brands so they can take advantage of our technology and earn commissions. 

Our affiliate partners can enjoy fantastic service from our client managers who can help to make sure that your commission payments run smoothly, that you understand how our business works and how you can get the most out of our reporting portal. Our system allows you to track your commissions and see the result of any customer lead that you send to us so that you know what is working and can send us more of the customers who are best suited for our products to improve your earnings.

To find out more on how Nouveau Finance can help you, make sure you get in touch today.